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How to Detox Your Body, Mind, and Home Without Dieting

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The Only Productivity Tool You Need

Whether you want to lose weight or get a promotion at work, you need to master productivity. You’ll never be able to fit in workouts, healthy meals, and meditation if you’re constantly procrastinating and not making the best use of your time. Read More

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7 Simple Ways to Get In More Exercise

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The Secret Key to Actually Enjoying Life

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Gluten-Free Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

The gluten-free trend is more popular than ever, and many people assume eating gluten-free will automatically make them lose weight, clear up digestive issues, and make their skin glow. Read More
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Step 2: Correct

vector_rubiks_cube_47996Ever hear the saying that you can figure out how to solve a Rubik's Cube in 6 million years all by yourself, or in 6 minutes with coaching? Just a little focused support can make a huge difference.

Here I have some critical support for you - supplements. These supplements really speed up your healing process, targeting specific problem areas in gut health. We all like to feel better fast!
So, here you go...

L-Glutamine - 500 mg. to 5G., 3 times per day with food. An amino acid that helps heal the intestine because it is the most important food for cells lining the intestines. You should feel a great difference with this supplement. Take a look at this article by Steve Wright to use his dosage chart, get great sources for l-glutamine and discover how amazing this supplement is, including stopping cravings in their tracks!
Digestive Enzymes - 1 serving with each meal ensures that each meal is fully digested, decreasing the possibility that partially digested food might pass through the gut lining. Use for after-meal bloating and bubbles, too! Also available in packet form for traveling, or keeping in your purse or desk drawer.
Licorice Root - 2 tablets per day. Stop after 6 weeks. An adaptogenic herb that helps balance cortisol (Yay, thinner tummies!), and improves acid production. Especially useful for leaky gut caused or worsened by emotional stress.
Quercetin - 500 milligrams 3 times per day with or without meals. Seals the gut by supporting the creation of “tight junction” proteins, which keep the food from passing through the intestinal wall. It also reduces the release of histamine, causing you to have symptomatic reactions to foods. Read more here about how allergies are alleviated using this supplement, too. I also like what Kelsey Marksteiner, R.D., has to say about healing colitis and other IBD.
Aloe - 2 T. per day, in water or over ice. Cooling and soothing to the mucus lining, aloe is alkaline in nature, returning the pH of your system to normal. Many foods are acid in nature, requiring the body to work hard to rebalance the pH. This has a mild laxative effect, but not noticeable at this level. You can add it to your water bottle for work in the morning, and sip it throughout the day, adding water as it becomes low. This supplement helps reduce inflammation throughout the body, as well.

One step at a time. Build these things into your routine by adding them at a rate of 2 per week. Notice changes, admire your better health, and let it really sink in that you are healing your thyroid, your adrenals, your joints, your brain, and on it goes!

Next time, we look at Step 3: Creating Harmony. We create ongoing health by using my “silver bullet” to better gut health, plus 2 more options for you. We also look at stress, how it creates an unhealthy circumstance for your gut and what you can do about it.
Until then – no guts, no glory, babe! Carry on.

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