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Step 2: Correct

vector_rubiks_cube_47996Ever hear the saying that you can figure out how to solve a Rubik's Cube in 6 million years all by yourself, or in 6 minutes with coaching? Just a little focused support can make a huge difference.

Here I have some critical support for you - supplements. These supplements really speed up your healing process, targeting specific problem areas in gut health. We all like to feel better fast!
So, here you go...

L-Glutamine - 500 mg. to 5G., 3 times per day with food. An amino acid that helps heal the intestine because it is the most important food for cells lining the intestines. You should feel a great difference with this supplement. Take a look at this article by Steve Wright to use his dosage chart, get great sources for l-glutamine and discover how amazing this supplement is, including stopping cravings in their tracks!
Digestive Enzymes - 1 serving with each meal ensures that each meal is fully digested, decreasing the possibility that partially digested food might pass through the gut lining. Use for after-meal bloating and bubbles, too! Also available in packet form for traveling, or keeping in your purse or desk drawer.
Licorice Root - 2 tablets per day. Stop after 6 weeks. An adaptogenic herb that helps balance cortisol (Yay, thinner tummies!), and improves acid production. Especially useful for leaky gut caused or worsened by emotional stress.
Quercetin - 500 milligrams 3 times per day with or without meals. Seals the gut by supporting the creation of “tight junction” proteins, which keep the food from passing through the intestinal wall. It also reduces the release of histamine, causing you to have symptomatic reactions to foods. Read more here about how allergies are alleviated using this supplement, too. I also like what Kelsey Marksteiner, R.D., has to say about healing colitis and other IBD.
Aloe - 2 T. per day, in water or over ice. Cooling and soothing to the mucus lining, aloe is alkaline in nature, returning the pH of your system to normal. Many foods are acid in nature, requiring the body to work hard to rebalance the pH. This has a mild laxative effect, but not noticeable at this level. You can add it to your water bottle for work in the morning, and sip it throughout the day, adding water as it becomes low. This supplement helps reduce inflammation throughout the body, as well.

One step at a time. Build these things into your routine by adding them at a rate of 2 per week. Notice changes, admire your better health, and let it really sink in that you are healing your thyroid, your adrenals, your joints, your brain, and on it goes!

Next time, we look at Step 3: Creating Harmony. We create ongoing health by using my “silver bullet” to better gut health, plus 2 more options for you. We also look at stress, how it creates an unhealthy circumstance for your gut and what you can do about it.
Until then – no guts, no glory, babe! Carry on.
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Step 1: Crowd Out

shutterstock_137615693_1_0_copy_mediumthumbCrowding Out

If you're reading this post, then you are suffering some gut issues. My heart goes out to you. I've suffered my whole life with gut issues, so I know what kind of disruption it can cause to your life.

With my simple 3-Step Process you can be on your way to enjoying better gut health right away.

1. Crowd Out
2. Correct
3. Create Harmony

So, here's what you need to know to heal your gut:

Step 1: Crowd Out

  • Sugars – use honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar sparingly
  • Grains – switch to nut flours such as almond or hazelnut, and coconut flour.
  • Alcohol and caffeine (soda, coffee, black tea, chocolate) – Use flavored waters, herbal teas (Dandy Blend is a great coffee alternative!), or just plain water. Get a great filter for your tap water and save a ton of money, not to mention lowering your carbon footprint. Try out this handy portable water bottle with a filter in it!
  • Unfermented, processed dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, half & half, creamers etc.) - use raw. See my resource for locals here, or discover your own at a local farmer's market or online source.
  • Unhealthy oils (vegetable, corn, soybean, cottonseed – chemically pressed)
  • GMO Foods – The more you eat simply, buying whole, organic foods (fresh or frozen) as much as your budget will afford, the easier this “Crowding Out” will be.

Use these Foods to Help Heal Your Gut;
Bone Broth – contains collagen and amino acids that help heal your intestines. It's important to make your own, or, if you can, buy it from a reputable source, as the boxed “stock” variety does not contain enough of the nutrients you need. The broth should gel in the refrigerator.
Coconut – All coconut products help heal the gut. They contain lauric acid (found only in mother's milk otherwise) plus other mid-chain fatty acids that actually help to heal the gut lining.
Sprouted Seeds – soaking and sprouting are ancient practices that hold incredible value. Nutrients are created in the nuts and seeds during the sprouting process. Plus, phytates (an anti-nutrient that keeps the nut/seed from germinating) are removed, paving the way for you to absorb more nutrients from foods you eat. I will teach about this in my 21-Day No Guts No Glory Challenge.
Raw Fermented Foods – bring in essential probiotics for you to help heal your gut and encourage the colonization of critical gut flora. We lose many of these probiotics through antibiotics, some of them forever unless we supplement to re-colonize the lost strains. Fermented foods naturally bring in many strains and balance the pH with the organic acids that also give these foods their excellent flavor.
Raw Cultured Dairy (kefir, yogurt, raw cheese, cultured butter) – Raw dairy contains many probiotics, as well as small-chain fatty acids. These help heal the gut and create a foundation for colonization.
Pasture-Raised Meats – nutrient dense, fat does not contain molecules of corn, soy, or other potential irritants. It's truly delicious, making the regular store meat taste rather old and gamey. Your body knows the difference.
Gelatin (this is the kind I like to use) – 1 Tbsp. Twice a day in a hot drink (that Dandy Blend, with some coconut milk and a little powdered cacao- yum!) or a smoothie soothes the mucus lining. Gelatin enhances gastric acid secretion and restores a healthy mucosal lining in the gut. It contains two anti-inflammatory amino acids. You just have to take a look at what Sarah Wilson has written here about how gelatin is such a life-changer for everyone with gut issues.
Healthy, Natural Fats – 1T to 2T. Per day is all you need of butter, ghee, tallow, olive oil, coconut oil (cold-pressed). Avocado – ¼ to ½ per day is sufficient. Cut a tablespoon of butter and look at it. That's quite a lot. Now, use it through the day as your source of fat (not for the whole family, just you). How'd it go? I bet you that it was plenty. Don't skimp on fat, because your body needs it. But get the highest-quality possible. And use it.
If you're local, I have a great source of raw milk, cheeses, meats, coconut oil, and more right here.
The best butter has high vitamin A and E levels. This is found in butter made from cows that eat grass.
  • Organic Valley makes a green-labelled butter, “Pasture Butter”, only available from May to September, that has this high level of vitamins.
  • Also, Kerrygold, from Ireland, has this high vitamin A value, plus the water percentage is lower, excellent for you bakers out there.
  • Another great butter is cultured butter, which contains probiotics that help heal the gut, and is superior for baking. Tastes amazing, too.
  • Olive oil is fantastic for salads, grilling and sautéing vegetable. EVOO should be used only in salad dressings, as heat destroys its' Omega 3 value, as well as some of its' flavor.

Now you're on your way to a healthier gut! Simple. Now, I never said “easy”, but with a little sourcing of these materials, you can have delicious foods, simply made, that don't destroy your health in the process. Encourage your own health, stop letting your sweet tooth and the food industry rule you, and take back your life. These traditional foods and the critical supplements you will hear about in my next blog, "Step 2: Correct", have been prized for thousands of years for their health-building properties. Enjoy your life.

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