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Crashing Fatigue Tonic

Prep Time

5 min.

Prep Notes

See how tired I look? Ugh, the bags...

Well, traveling and eating unhealthy foods for more than a week has really taken it's toll, and now I've got something called "crashing fatigue".

A new and interesting peri-menopausal symptom for me, crashing fatigue is not a sleepy feeling. Instead, I feel sudden muscle weakness, the air feels heavy to breathe, and I can't think as quickly as I'd like. I am just driven to lie down somewhere.

What we need when we feel like this is minerals and vitamins! The best way to get that is through fruits and vegetables. Ugh! I know, But you know I always make them delicious. Why suffer through yukky tasting stuff, just to be healthy? Denial and deprivation is NOT my style. Delicious and decadent are much better ways to enjoy food! So, try this recipe, with it's refreshing lemon and ginger flavor, it'll wake you up, rejuvenate your adrenals, and support you through your busy day.

Hey, this is good for any afternoon slump - you don't have to be peri-menopausal to enjoy.

Cooking Time



2 servings


1/2 lemon

2 stalks organic celery

1 apple

handful baby spinach

1/2" fresh ginger

Ice cubes and water to make 1 1/2 cups


Use outer peel and flesh of lemon (remove the white pith).

Peel and slice ginger.

Add all ingredients into a high-speed blender, such as a Vitamix, and blend until smooth - about a minute.

Pour into two glasses and enjoy.


For extra hormonal support, try using one of the following cooled teas as your liquid:

Oat straw tea - for libido support (bring back that "zing"!) - So delicious!

Raspberry Leaf Tea - prevents spotting before/after your period by supporting proper progesterone levels in your body.