Health Coach for Women

Cherry Chocolate Gummy Hearts

Prep Time

15 minutes, Refrigerate 2 hours

Prep Notes

3T. Grass-fed gelatin

¼c. Cherry juice (blend ½ c. frozen cherries with 3/4 c. water) for gelatin

½c. Cherry juice

½c. Coconut cream

2T. Honey

1T. Vanilla

¾c. mini chocolate chips (Enjoy Life is good)


20 hearts


Dissolve gelatin in ¼ c. cherry juice. Heat ½ c. cherry juice with ½ c.coconut cream until warm; add in dissolved gelatin. Mix for a couple minutes, then add in vanilla. Remove from heat. Cool just a bit, so chocolate chips don't melt. Add in chocolate chips; pour into silicone mini-heart mold.

Refrigerate2 hours. Unmold and...